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Welcome to the future.

our company just keeps on growing. in our nearly 30-year-long history, we have developed new products, opened up new markets, and attracted many new clients.

around the world, we have become an established port of call for anyone needing the latest extra-fine wire solutions across a wide range of industries, and we still have a lot of plans up our sleeve for the future. now we want to let the outside world know more about this entrepreneurial spirit, and have decided to refine and modernise our brand image.

we have commissioned the DIE AUSSENMINISTER agency to analyse our business orientation from the point of view of communication and raise our profile by means of a focused corporate design. over the last few months, we have been working on a new way of addressing our clients, new structures in our marketing materials, and a modern, integrated look, from our visiting cards to the pages of our website. so it is with great pleasure and no small amount of pride that we would like to introduce you to the new ELSCHUKOM. as you probably already know, we leads to new ideas.